Advice to a New Young Domme

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Pretend you are the new owner of your freshly purchased slave and you need to determine what kind of slave he will be for you, personal slave, bed slave, foot slave, house slave, beast of burden, fuck slave, pussy eating slave, toilet slave, the list is endless. You should slap the cuffs on his wrists and ankles as soon as you are in private and a collar too. If you don’t have them improvise with rope. (careful of course with rope around the neck, you could use a symbolic piece of ribbon – I use pink ribbon to feminize and humiliate my slave a little) . Make him kneel in your presence, hands behind his back. If you want to be the one in control all the time you could make it so he always kneels in front of you in this stance whenever you are alone. It establishes the power dynamic.

 Then proceed with the slave inspection. Check his body all over like he was a prize race horse you just bought, turn him into a piece of meat that you bought for your service and tell him this sternly. Talk to him all the while explaining all of this to him and that he will have to be put through his paces and “trained” in order to serve you. He will have to be whipped or spanked a bit just to get his head right so he knows who’s boss. Tie him up when you do this. You can put him over your knee for a spanking after letting him lose. Most men love this especially if you have sexy stockings on. It establishes your control and diminishes his self-esteem and hopefully starts to make him feel submissive to you in all your Amazonian grandeur and Womanly superiority!
Continue to tell him how all men are wormy little bastards that need to be subjugated by woman! That their balls and cocks are the cause of all trouble in the world and therefore must be controlled by woman! Tie up those little fuckers with a piece of thin rope and pull him around by it (gently – you don’t want to pull them off) . Hopefully by this time you will feel your power and he will be feeling your power too and your imagination will take over. You can turn him into anything you like, a puppy, pony, table, chair, ashtray, toilet, anything dehumanizing. DO NOT take pity on him, he does not want you to. The only chance he has for saying anything is his safe word. I use yellow or amber for slow down and red for stop. Make him address you always as Yes Mistress, no Mistress and may I Mistress. If he forgets punish him by slapping his face, smacking him hard on the ass with a wooden spoon, hairbrush, paddle hand, but make it hurt. Or better yet, squeeze his balls with your hands while looking him in the eye, telling him what his misdemeanor was. He WILL correct his behavior!
Have fun with it. Feel your power, that’s what you both want. It helps if you have some platform shoes so you can tower over him, or if you can’t get taller than him keep him on his knees and straddle him. Always be on top either physically or mentally. Do not be underneath him if you fuck, until you have well established your Dominance, this may take several sessions. So if you fuck him ride him from on top while he is tied and you are constantly telling him that he is your slave and you own his ass. Make sure you treat him like that piece of meat, a fuck toy.
I like to squeeze his head between my silky strong thighs, squeeze and squeeze. You can also put your hands over his mouth and nose, clamping off all air . Best to tell him to take a deep breath first and then look into his eyes and tell him you even control his very breath. Have him hogtied or tied in some tight way for this. Only hold his nose and mouth shut for about 15 seconds at first, you can build on this over time so you only release when he starts to look panicked.  You can also control his breathing by sitting firmly on his face so he can’t breath. I find this quite fun, especially when he starts to squirm. I always have my panties on but you can do it bare bummed. FUN!!
Never let him touch you unless he asks permission.” Mistress may I touch you”, again it’s up to you but you should deny him sometimes. He may not cum unless he asks permission. If he does you must beat him and then deny him from cumming for days, maybe lock him in a chastity device. You have the only key. You will soon have his full attention!
Just remember you are WOMAN! and far superior to a lowly man in every way except physical strength and that’s why you have a slave. Tell yourself this all the time no matter what you are doing and you will start to believe it and feel it’s power and when it comes to the bedroom you will feel the surge that carries you into your rightful place as the superior gender.
I get excited just thinking about it.
This advice was intended for a young woman in a relationship with her boy, she is not a Pro. She will have sex with him. I DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH MY SLAVE BOYS! So do not get  any ideas!

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